Mother Earth Oil painting by Michael Bowen

The sun was shining on that beautiful day, after weeks of typical San Francisco, cold, wet, gloomy weather. People were wonderfully happy in the warm sun, and seeing for the first time just how many of US actually existed. People shared the food they brought, people played music, danced, and grooved with one and all; they simply enjoyed being alive with other like minded free-thinkers. Only one policeman on horseback showed up, and that was only because the police horse stables were located at the far end of the polo field. There were no alcohol or beer bottles, unlike other large gatherings. Towards the end of the day, the energy of the Be-In inspired everyone to clean up all the trash, so that not even a small scrap of paper wrapping would be left behind. This was a true spontaneous cooperation to honor Mother Earth and each other by cleaning up the trash, and leaving the polo field like it was when they first arrived, spotless and free of trash.